Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hopes for next year (yes, already)

Added 5/19

22. Phonecall Parties. Invite teachers to the workroom after school once or twice a week. If you're coming, bring snacks or a 2-liter (mark it with tape & leave it in the fridge). Gather for half an hour to an hour calling parents, munching on snacks, and trading management/instruction ideas.

23. Literature Circle Roles. Teach these using short stories; practice as a class before splitting up into small groups and working on them individually.

24. Writer's Notebooks. We're using the America's Choice format; I'd also like to add an SSR log at the back, a Homework ToC ... not sure where, and... vocabulary chart, working backward from the Glossary.

25. Focus Question EVERY DAY. Use it for opening/closing.

26. Portfolio: Manila folder. STAYS IN ROOM. All writing goes in here; new draft stapled on top of old. Homework/classwork checked for completeness & stored here; turned in on Friday.

27. Transitions. Use book talks and poetry readings (one of each, alternating every other day) to move from starter to instruction.

You've probably noticed that the list starts at 22. To see ideas 1-21, go here.

Further suggestions? I will periodically review this list (I hope) and add updates. *grin* We can see how much THAT happened during this past term... sheesh! ;)


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