Tuesday, May 13, 2008

About Me?

These sorts of things are always tough, because how can you describe who you are with words?

Who I am

I believe I am more than the sum of the cells that developed from the directions of the chromosomes I inherited from my parents. My physical being is what I am, not who I am; yet, at the same time, what I am has a significant impact on who I am.

I believe I am more than the sum of my experiences. At the same time, those experiences have helped to shape me.

I am a person with dreams of who and what I would like to be. I want to continue to improve as a teacher. I want to be less absent-minded. I want to be more well-informed about events not only in my own life, but in the lives of others. I want to help others live a fulfilling life.

Online, most often I am Clix, short for Clicketykeys, one of my first handles. I rarely give out identifying information. I think this is because I firmly believe in the power that words have. I believe that swearing is not inherently wrong, but can be wrong if the speaker is being inconsiderate of others. I get incredibly annoyed when someone refers to me by a name I did not offer to them.

Maybe you didn't know:

* I am afraid of accidentally breaking promises; losing my husband; having my actions be not only unsuccesful, but pointless; the end of existence;
* I majored in English Education, but I learned almost all of my classroom management strategies through experience as a substitute teacher.
* My favorite RPG is currently Seventh Sea.
* My favorite RPG characters have been Minnow, Adam, Samuel, and Carlotta.
* I have been taking lessons in raks sharki (oriental dance) for about two months.
* I love teaching, even with as much as I B&M about it.
* I think dating is stupid.
* I am incredibly cheap.
* My immediate family is convoluted.
* My parents never divorced.
* I have an adopted older brother and sister.
* I have two biological younger brothers.
* I am six-one and "the short one."
* I am an aunt, several times over.
* I have no children except for my students and our Jack Russell, who is convinced he is human.
* I am thoroughly Wesleyan - in outlook, at least.
* I do not read the Bible as much as I feel I ought to.
* I have an incredibly hard time creating habits.
* We do not have TV, but we do get movies and TV shows through the mail. Right now I am waiting for the second disk of the first season from Veronica Mars.
* I am impatient.
* I love to drive, but sometimes I prefer to get The Hunk to take me somewhere.
* I am a cancer survivor, but I rarely think of myself that way.
* Speaking of which, I am overdue for my stupid annual mammogram.
* Right now, I am listening to "Girls and Boys," by Good Charlotte.
* I follow the ten-second rule as long as nothing gets damp or sticky.
* My favorite Shakespearean tragedy is Romeo and Juliet.
* My favorite other tragedy is Medea.
* My favorite horror movie is Battle Royale.
* We have not mowed the lawn since October. It's gorgeous - though I'm not sure the neighbors agree.
* I lived in Haiti for a year.
* I cried the day I turned twenty.
* I have a fairly high opinion of both my current success and my future potential as a teacher, and yet I am incredibly insecure.

Image thanks to http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/news/980/daydreaming-improves-thinking


Melissa B. said...

We subscribed to the "10-second rule" until Ella Numero Dos dropped something on the kitchen floor, picked it up, popped it in her mouth, spit it in the sink, then screeched, "It's got cat hair on it" :) Hope you like the papers. Let me know!

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