Monday, July 21, 2008

A Truly Epic Adventure (so far)

I haven't gotten more than five hours of sleep at night since... I don't know if it's been a full week yet or not. Mostly it's been stress about the upcoming school year. I can't get to sleep before midnight or 1 AM, and then I wake up before 7. Without an alarm.

But last night it wasn't my fault!

So I've taken some of the Journalism Gremlins to yearbook camp. At 9:00 they tell me they're soooo tired and they don't want to go to the computer lab to work on theme stuff - in fairness, we did already get our theme and ladder mostly sorted out before the end of the year.

Even so, I was not expecting a call on my cell phone from them at quarter of eleven. "Ms. Clix! There's nothing on TV!" Huh? Why are you complaining to me about the lack of quality programming? "No, no, there's stuff ON, but it's all stuff you have to pay for. We ordered pizza and we were gonna watch a movie, but it's pay-per-view." Look, just watch cable. "There isn't... oh... wait. OH! There it is. I was just doing it wrong."

So I drift back off to sleep... only to be awakened by ANOTHER call at about ten after midnight. AFTER MIDNIGHT. "Ms. Clix! You gotta take a dare!" First of all, I do not 'gotta' do ANYTHING at this hour. Second... what is it?

I ended up struggling out of bed at quarter past midnight and going to the door to eat a hot wing in front of the entire group of Yearbook Gremlins. "You HAVE to eat the WHOLE THING, Ms. Clix!"

I did.

They were unbelievably impressed.

I went back to bed - although I did re-brush my teeth first!

I guess this means that at least the "create staff unity" goal is a definite check. ;)


loonyhiker said...

Sounds like the kids love you! This bonding will take you far! Hope the kids step up to the plate and meet your expectations.

Clix said...

I hope so! OH, how I hope so! ;D

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