Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Educarnival v2 Issue 9

Updated this afternoon on Facebook: there is NEVER ENOUGH TIME to do all the things I want to do :(

(I have, however, scrounged up enough time in the past three days to read Bloody Jack books 7, and then 1-4. Must stop by library again tomorrow...)

Time feels like it is just ... racing by isn't fast enough. Hm. Have you ever stuck your head out the window of a car that's going REALLY fast, and it not only makes your eyes water, but it sucks your breath away? It feels like that. I'm bleary-eyed, everything's fuzzy and whirling by me and I can't get but a gasp of breath here and there.

I haven't been keeping up with my 21 Days to a Novel, I was supposed to post yesterday and completely didn't, and I'd really meant to have the EduCarnival done last night so it could auto-post this morning. Didn't work. Family was in town and, well, that was just more important.

OTOH, I did manage to survive The Hell That Is Photo Day, and that's gotta count for something.

Rachel Lynette presents Comparing the Book to the Movie posted at Minds in Bloom.

Liz Nilsen presents Another Resource For Gender Equity in STEM « STEM-ology posted at STEM-ology.

ms. understood presents Top 5 Real Life Moments from Parent Teacher Conferences posted at Teacher, I Don't Get It.

Sarah Ebner presents Are children being over-stimulated? Should there be less "fun" in the classroom? posted at School Gate - Times Online - WBLG.

Shelly Terrell presents What Works: Cooperation vs. Competition | Teacher Reboot Camp posted at Teacher Reboot Camp.

Richie presents Thing 1, Thing 2 & Fish Clappers posted at Bellringers.

chris presents CLEP Test posted at Distance Learning Education Degree.

Chris Wondra presents The Future: Where ?winging it? becomes best practice posted at We Teach We Learn.

Jim McGuire presents Why Student Blogs are So Valuable posted at The Reading Workshop.

Khan presents What to Expect in A Grad School Interview posted at Higher Education and Career Blog.

Darren presents I Missed A Day, Do I Still Have To Take The Test? posted at Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher.

Glowing Face Man presents Ambiguities in Mathematics posted at Glowing Face Man.

Liz Nilsen presents No Black Tie Needed posted at STEM-ology.

Your Humble Host presents Status Update a few posts below this one.

And what's this? Only one list post this week?

Kaitlyn cole presents 100 Open Lectures All About Africa | Online Colleges posted at Online

But it is just LOVELY to browse through all the reflection that everyone ELSE has been doing! Click on 'Continue' (below) to read the posts! As always, if I muxed something up but good, email me at uncomfortableadventures (at) yahoo (dot) com to get it fixed :)

Next week's carnival will be hosted by Tom DeRosa over at I Want to Teach Forever. As always, you can submit your blog article to the next issue of EduCarnival v2 by using the handy-dandy carnival submission form. You can also email the lovely Mr. DeRosa at teachforever (at) gmail (dot) com - it helps if you put 'Carnival Submission' as the topic for the email.

Past carnivals and future scheduled editions can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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