Wednesday, December 09, 2009

EduCarnival v2 Issue 16

The Hunk and I went out to eat tonight. We had BBQ and iced tea; he read, and I did my unit calendar for next semester (English II; I'm not going to THINK about Journalism before winter break). His iced tea was sweet; mine was Long Island. I'm kind of nervous about looking at that unit calendar.

OTOH, it made exercising much less miserable!

This week's EduCarnival is a little bit customized, though not themed. BUT, there are lots of WONDERFUL posts to read behind the "Continue" link.


Joanne Jacobs responds to a Washington Post book review about standardized test that aren't so standardized.

Alan Sitomer suggests that if anyone's going to get paid for stating the ridiculously obvious, it ought to be him.

Emily Kissner suggests some tips on getting students to revise thoroughly.

HR Mason has a eureka moment that leads to two important observations.

The Science Goddess is a bit uncertain whether or not the change toward Common Core Standards will "do you good."

Tangent Teacher almost made it until Christmas before she smiled.

Mark laments a lack of logic.

Siobhan Curious ponders what 'growth' means in education.

Ms. Cornelius writes about how cell phones can help students learn Spanish.

Darren received a rebate from his union! Is he happy about it? You decide...

Miss Brave understands what it's like when your class is "a zoo." Literally!

We get to take a peek at Miss Bennett's day.

J laments that some days just suck.

Dana Huff reveals that dissection isn't just for science teachers anymore!

Lightly Seasoned wonders what to do about student apathy.

Dan Meyer looks back at the blogging "giants" upon whose shoulders we stand, and the ones who've supported him in particular.

Mr. McNamar connects education and the world of sports with five innovative reforms.

Rachel continues looking at how to teach literary analysis.

Mrs. Mimi is calculating sleep numbers - but not the way you might think.

Missteacha thinks about what needs to change.

Bill Ferriter has made some important memories from small tokens.

Linda Perlstein lamentseverything that's wrong - and this is just Part 1!

The STEM-ologist seems glad to hear a dissenting voice on Obama's STEM announcement. Kind of caught me off guard! :D

Ben Miller makes a hilarious (yet sadly accurate!) comparison between student loan repayment and the death penalty.

Katharine Beals responds to an Education Week article about using education to meet the needs of business.

RMD discusses what it means to use evidence in making decisions about education.

Debra Viadero noticed a new study supporting an old program.

Jamie Davies O'Leary wonders why there are still bad teachers in Cincinnati schools if everyone knows who they are.

Even if we got to experience several each day, a stunning moment like the one Ms. Flecha experienced is never common.

Ed Beat reports on a charter school that is trying to replicate Rosie.

Lisa Guernsey offers solutions for chronic absence at the elementary level.

Robert Pondiscio acknowledges that sometimes, what works is BORING.

Deborah Meier joins the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in singing, "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab points out that community college seems to be an invisible institution.

Pat gives some suggestions on how to de-stress your class.

Happy Chyck has had some ups and downs in her creative writing class, but lately she's been able tosqueeze good writing out of them.

Technology in Class says that txtspk doesn't count as competent writing.

Rachel Lynette suggests ways to rearrange your room creatively.

Mrs. Chili struggles to define the boundaries of a parent's place.

Under Assault sounds pretty frustrated with the UFT president's response to Bloomberg's speech.

Ms. Understood had her students dancing for democracy.

Dan Callahan doesn't quite trust the Deloitte 2009 Education Survey.

Sarah has put together a wonderful tween book guide for fiction/nonfiction pairs, just in time for the holidays. (It's no coincidence!)

As always, mistakes are my fault! Let me know and I'll fix them ASAP if it's at all possible.

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R2P2 said...

Thanks, I'm excited & honored to be included this week. I'll keep that submission form in mind for the future. I wasn't sure exactly how people were included (a selection or self-submission) and I also thought -for some reason - it was more metapedagogy, theory & politics. So, I'm glad to know I can include some posts :)

luckeyfrog said...

Great picks this week.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Wow! Someone included me! I am DEEPLY touched! What a nice holiday present!

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