Sunday, June 10, 2007


So it's like 10 after midnight and I can't stop grooving. Several reasons:

OOO! I HAVE HELP! *happysquee* There are some other teachers who're going to post ideas and lesson-planny-thoughts online and in particular there may be some discussion about Understanding by Design, which I find intriguing, yet I do not understand its design. Ha. (okay, fine, groan, but I blame the hour!!) Additional plus - these folks have no idea who I am and thus I won't feel like a doof for being thickheaded! I can ask ALL THE DUMB QUESTIONS I WANT and not have to face raised brows in the faculty room! How cool is THAT?!

Plus I have this awesome music going: "Tu m'as promis/Tu es foutu" by InGrid. (Just switched to "Sway" by Shaft.) And a few minutes ago My Man showed me where he managed to back up all of our on-the-computer music before the hard drive went fritzy and had to be wiped and started from scratch. So I am not musicless!!

Uh. So... actually, I guess that's it. I suppose I'm pretty easy to please after all - it just takes collaborative lesson planning and some booty music.


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