Friday, June 08, 2007

Plans for summer

Well, it looks like we may not be painting the living room and bedrooms, now that we went and bought a new computer. However, I would like to do the following:

- Read the new Harry Potter book (duh!) and watch the movie
- Plan out the semester for English I, and the year for Journalism, page deadlines and everything
- Stabilize our bookshelves and put our books away
- Attend the family reunion in FL
- Put up curtain rods and curtains; I'd LIKE to sew the curtains myself, but I need to take a look at cost of fabric vs cost of curtains and see if it's worth the effort
- Exercise DAILY (especially now that we have the new computer and Duane can use that for WoW and I'll have this one for StepMania)
- Meet with the editors (once in June, once in July) to finish ad sales, set up deadlines and hopefully even maybe get the ad pages done
- Start keeping up with my blog and the blogs I most often read ;)


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