Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Recent reading

I cannot say enough good things about Epic, by Conor Kostick. I picked it up from the library because the cover blerb (and, to a lesser extent, the author bio) intrigued me. However, in fairness, there are often books that pass that first inspection that turn out to be "ehhhh" books.

This one was NOT an "ehhhh" book.

I read it while taking a bubble bath (I did have to pour in more hot water a few times - I'm not quite that fast!) and it was so good that a couple of times I hollered out to My Man to come in so that I could read part to him. It was so good that as soon as I finished, I took it to him and demanded that he read it. (Well, I dried off and got dressed first, but still.) That doesn't happen all that often; the last book I did that with was Airborn, also a very good book.

It was so good that after I'd handed the book to my husband I logged onto Amazon and bought it. I've NEVER done that before; I'm very picky about getting new books because we've got zillions already and I don't believe in buying things that I don't need or love (preferably both).

This is an extraordinarily good book. In fact, right now I'm wishing I hadn't handed it to My Man so that I could re-read my favorite parts. Gr.

Get this book. In fairness, I suggest getting it from your library first, in case your tastes don't match mine. If the library doesn't have it, suggest that they get five copies - two for the children's section, two for the YA lit section, and one for general fiction.

But whatever you do - get this book!


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