Monday, July 30, 2007

Things I am grateful for

Today was hectic, but overall, it turned out well. Things I'm thankful for:

  • I have been moved to a full-size classroom.

  • The new room has a TV/VCR setup.

  • I only have two preps, and since we're on semester blocks, I will only have 80ish students at a time.

  • The teacher who had the room last year will be floating, and so I am gaining some tables that I can use for computers.

  • The new room has three 4' bookshelves; my previous room had one 6' bookshelf.

  • I can still take my planned vacation around Labor Day weekend, even though they changed the policy over the summer to say that you're not to take personal days right before or after a holiday, since I set it up last year.

  • The Man and I can drive to work together.

  • Some students from a youth group came to the school and helped move my things into the new room.

I hope this year goes well.


DrPezz said...

How popular are LCDs in your school/district? They seem to be the rage here in my school, especially since my high school provides laptops to the teachers (because we all share rooms). Just curious.

DrPezz said...

An LCD is a device which projects what is on a computer screen onto a projection screen. In this way the students can see what is on your computer screen.

Sometimes I use a word processing document to take notes as a class, or I can show clips from the internet, or show students how to use internet sites.

There are many other uses too, like displaying student websites, movies, slide shows, and so on.

I'm guessing your post on my site means you don't have one. :)

Many people are getting them for personal use at home for movie rooms. They are quite handy and are coming down in price ($400-1000 depending on how fancy you want to get).

Clix said...

Ah yes! (We call them "digital projectors.")

The English department got them a couple of years back, so I have one in my room, but because I just moved there and my desk is not where the teacher's desk had been previously, it's not hooked up to my computer (until they change where the cord drops from the ceiling, hopefully today).

I like it, but it's not as effective as it could be because a LOT of internet stuff is blocked.

DrPezz said...

Ahhh, the dreaded filters.Yes, I understand that one.

I've been able to eliminate, virtually, my use of the overhead with the use of my digital projector. That's why I was curious. It's cleaner and has more functions.

Still, I had to purchase the extension cord, interface, and speakers, but it was worth it.

Clix said...

Yeah, I don't use an overhead at all. I had thought about using it for movies, but unfortunately, my teacher computer won't play DVDs. Maybe next time I get an upgrade!

DrPezz said...

Mine was that way as well when I first got the computer, so I brought in my ancient top-loading VCR from the Stone Ages (aka the 80s) until I got an upgraded laptop last year.

I love using iMovies and PowerPoints with the kids now as well.

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