Monday, September 24, 2007


I apologize for filling the screen with useless drivel (not that it's different from anything else I post...). ;p I'll keep it in a single post and eventually it'll disappear from the bottom of the page.

Reinstall Your Book as a size nine.
Re-do layouts as size nines.
Call Donna and ask how to delete old photo setups.
Arrange new underclass people pages.
Call Patsy to ask when the retakes disk will be coming in.
Call John to ask about sports photos.
Call the newspaper to ask about sports photos.
Call AC to see about picking up articles Monday.
Lay out superlatives page.
AS & KP to lay out homecoming pages, edit all photos, and edit and place photos and copy, and write captions.
AS & KP to get quotes for captions.
Learn how to teach writing short copy. STUDY THIS.
Grade Romeo and Juliet projects.
Grade research projects.
Grade article assignments.
Grade makeup/late work.
Input all grades.
Meet with Judy to discuss items for department meeting with the principal.
Meet with Debbie to discuss yearbook ideas and budget.
Take newspapers to advertisers.

More to come, I'm sure...


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