Friday, September 14, 2007

Grammar Gripe

Okay, I've got to admit it. I hate the "What do you teach?" trap. I think it's stupid, and more than that, it's WRONG.

The 'ha ha, zo clevar' response is supposed to be "I teach STUDENTS!" *eyeroll*

Emet ib, say I.

Students are not a what. They are a WHO. Ask me who I teach, and I will gladly reply, "Students!" (Or, if I'm feeling philosophical or clevar, I might say "anyone I can" or "myself.")

But otherwise - let's just say that I hope it doesn't result in an "insubordinate" note in my file if the principal gives me that nonsense and I retort, "Sorry, I don't think of my students as things."


Mrs. Chili said...

If THAT counts as insubordination, your administration needs to lighten the hell up...

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