Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The reasons for and results of SCHOOL STRESS

I had some awful nightmares last night! First, my husband and I were informed that we both had AIDS, and we were wrestling with how that affected whether we would decide to have children. That woke me up. Then when I got back to sleep, I dreamed that my fourth block class was completely uncooperative (which isn't all THAT different from reality, unfortunately). Not out-and-out chaos, just not doing their work, smidgens of chitchat going on.

It's rare that I have such "realistic" nightmares, but apparently, according to Ms. Cornelius, it's not all that uncommon.

This is perhaps because I got absolutely ZERO grades input yesterday (hey, a well-thought-out post takes time, yanno) and today I've got homeroom PLUS my planning period has been taken up with administering a practice writing exam. Oh, and had to write out a bunch of yearbook receipts - but that's a good problem to have, because it means MONEY! XD

So after I passed out the practice exam I got to finish up the receipts and then input grades - and lo and behold, only about half of them were ready to put in the computer. I've got two sets of assignments that aren't graded! Yikes!

"Time for break? Yes? MAYBE? ... no ... back to work..."


Mrs. Chili said...

Oh, no - your nightmares are in NO WAY unusual. Of course, that doesn't really make anyone FEEL any better because, in this case, the misery that loves company doesn't give a hoot about whether or not anyone else is having freaky dreams - those other nightmares don't make YOURS any less disturbing, now, do they?

Our term ends in two weeks. That means, in about two and a half weeks, I'll be back to having teacher anxiety dreams again. Yay, ME!

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