Thursday, October 18, 2007

Learn as though your life depends on it!

One of the things I realized this week was that I'm still short on time. I've noticed that things seem to be going more smoothly this semester... actually, that's putting it lightly. I haven't cried yet (though I've come close!) and I'm giving much more structure and thought to my assessments and lessons. I don't think I've pulled a 12-hour day even ONCE so far since we started back at the beginning of August. So what's sucking the hours out of my day? What's the culprit?


It's that damn library! with all their damn books! I'd forgotten how frustrating it is... do you KNOW how MANY books are published each month?! Augh! Granted, most of 'em aren't exactly my cuppa, but it seems there are far, far more than I need to keep me busy. Current reads:

Don't shoot the dog!
Sixteen : short stories
Connections : short stories
Fletcher, Susan Dragon's milk
Ultimate sports : short stories
Haddix, Margaret Pet Among the impostors
Shan, Darren. Cirque du Freak
On the fringe: short stories
Destination unexpected : short stories
Magicians' circle : more spellbinding stories
Gothic! : ten original dark tales
Larbalestier, Justine Magic or madness
Krum, Sharon. The thing about Jane Spring
Love & sex : ten stories of truth
Dreams and visions : fourteen flights of fantasy
Hautman, Pete Rash
Westerfeld, Scott. The secret hour (Crap. I'd finished this one and not returned it ... meant to get the next one.)
Morgan, Philippa. Chaucer and the doctor of physic

One weakness that I have as a teacher is that I do NOT understand people who are content to be ignorant. I mean... if nothing else, how BORING is THAT?! Why would you just want to be a lump? You know what happens after stagnation sets in? FESTERING AND PUTRESCENCE!

(And I'm not just talking about the students, either!)


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