Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crushed, part 2

Okay, so the current story is I was frustrated because our yearbook publisher's website would not let me upload the pages, AND the Annoying Assistant Principal (hereinafter the AAP) had informed me that I'd need to re-re-schedule the upcoming sports photographs because the time I'd requested conflicted with something else that was on the calendar (despite the fact that I'd checked the calendar before requesting that time). She said she was going to come and talk to me about it later that class period (didn't happen). So today I call up the photographers and get a general idea of some other dates/times so that I can go and re-check the calendar. Don't get a chance to get up to the office until after school; by that point there is a note in my box that says my previous date/time request was approved by the principal. Upon double-checking with the AAP, she said "oh yes! we checked the calendar again, and you were right, it doesn't conflict." Grrr. Couldn't have re-checked BEFORE calling me? Or even let me know AFTERWARD? Like you SAID?

But I was much mollified by being told I was right. *furious blush*

Our yearbook pages are still not yet uploaded, and the plant's tech support rep was not in the office today, so I will try again tomorrow, and then CALL again tomorrow, and if I don't get through to someone I will press 0 and let the receptionist know that SOMEONE had better answer my questions RIGHT away. (If it doesn't just somehow realize I'm pissed and decide to work.)

Anyway. I am off to disentangle muscular knots with a long soakybath and an Agatha Christie I've read several times but not right recently. *sigh* I still have more bloggy things I wanna read, but it's somewhat inconvenient at this point. One day I will be rich and I will have a glass tub/shower combo with a computer monitor behind it and waterproof controls! Yey!

(Well... probably not, actually... but it's a nice idea!)


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