Friday, November 16, 2007

The maggots are EATING MY BRAIN!

Obviously, I have been playing entirely too much Free Rice. It's ridiculous how brainy it makes me feel. ;p I swear, I will get to 50! (That's level 50, not 50 grains of rice donated, sillies.)

However, I've also been teaching myself PowerPoint. I hadn't really had much use for it, but now that I'm getting better at using my computer projector for notes, I figure I can see about putting some of that in with backgrounds and maybe some music.

Oo! There's a cluster of Sugar Babies in the drawer of my nightstand!

Yum. ^.^

I am a happy cooky.


mybellringers said...

Shows you how out of the loop I am. Never heard of Free Rice before ;-) AND we have more in common than the Yoda thing… what's not to like about Sugar Babies!? Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

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