Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to Revise Yearbook Pages

1. Be sure to have an early lunch. Do not look at the pages yet.
2. Avoid snacking during the afternoon. Do not look at the pages yet.
3. Plan for a late supper. Do not look at the pages yet.
4. For supper, go out to a restaurant that has a reputation for serving strong drinks. Order a Long Island Iced Tea. Do not look at the pages!
5. Drink the Long Island Iced Tea before beginning your main course. (Nope - not yet!)
6. As you enjoy your main course, take out the papers and a red pen. (Make sure it is one with lots of ink left.) NOW you may edit the pages!
7. After you are finished, set the pages to the side. Be sure to drink plenty of water before going to bed.
8. Very important: Make the changes on your own, then destroy the pages. Avoid even the possibility that someone else might see your red-ink comments!


Mrs. Chili said...

Yikes. That bad, huh?

mybellringers said...

You left out the part about move the stack of yearbook pages over here, do not look at the pages yet, move the yearbook proofs over there, do not look at the pages yet, move them over yonder, do not look at the pages yet!

Also, I gave my yearbook rep specific instructions… Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you send me yearbook page proofs over Christmas or Santa will not be happy.

Hope you have a great Christmas and a much needed break!

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