Saturday, December 08, 2007


I really shouldn't be sulking about - after all, I mean, it's FREE. But I worked on a proposal for them and ... dammit, they didn't post it! GRRRR! GRRRR! GRRRRRR!

Hands into FISTS!



Okay, I'll stop. But - really! They wanted more detail about my lesson, and I'm like, look, that was WAY more detailed than anything ELSE I saw on the site. I mean, I'm sure I could do it, but I tried really stinking hard to tighten it up so I wouldn't lose a reader's attention! And it's not that complicated.

- I want to do literature circles.
- I want to offer book choices.
- One classroom set of a single novel does not make for a choice.

I mean... DUH! So I asked for like a half-dozen each of Uglies, uhh... City of Ember... the books that go with The Giver, which I have... hm... I think Feed wasn't on there... anyway, a buncha YA dystopian stuff.

I didn't ask for a lot; I think the cost was under $200. Anyway. I'm gonna go back through my emails... the husband is asleep so I've got some quiet time, and I guess re-doing that proposal is a better way to use the time than playing Spider Solitaire.

(Unless they still don't post the damn thing...)


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