Friday, January 18, 2008

Absolut exhaustion

Lately, it hasn't been that I haven't had anything to say, as is usually the case when there's a lapse. It's been that there's just too much going on. I do not have words to express how tired I am - but it's a good kind of tired.

So. New semester, new students (mostly). In my English I classes, I was given several of MY repeaters - meaning that not only had they failed English I before, but they'd failed my version of it! Why they were placed in my class AGAIN, I don't know.

And more deadlines for yearbook. 12 students is nice; I can keep pretty much everything in my head. At the start of the day I write down what I want everyone to do and then I tell them to go do it. For the most part, I know who is supposed to be where at just about any given moment, and not having to keep track of a log in/out sheet is nice because I would lose it. I lose things so much.

Oh HELL. They were supposed to do new progress sheets today. Effit. There's always SOMETHING.

Yesterday was a snow day. GRR. Seriously, it's ridiculous. I woke up at 4:00 and heard rain and I was SO HAPPY because we have so incredibly much work to do. And then no school. At least I got lots of laundry done.

And I took about 400 pictures today, and printed them off, and tracked down who the students were for most of them, so now we have candids to put on the mugshot pages. Why? Because I DID IT. Dammit, this is why yearbook production is going to be extracurricular next year. I'm tired of getting students who SWEAR they're willing to work and then aren't.

I'm so glad it's a long weekend. I can take tomorrow for myself and have Sunday AND Monday to work. (students who've signed up had BETTER show!! I have work for them to do.) I still need to update lesson plans for next week. We've wrapped the first unit on the standards - although their essay-letters need quite a bit of work for the most part.

Oh and we're (supposedly) meeting with the principal. I wonder if I still have my list of concerns, and how many of them are still relevant... I'll want to get that to our department head for her to glance over during planning.

I cooked dinner tonight. First time in - I don't want to think how long. Not counting things that come straight from a can. It turned out pretty good.

Mom will be coming through town next weekend (I think).

I need to call parents. I meant to have everyone called by LAST Friday and I've done NO calling this week... I also need to call advertisers... *sigh*


Mrs. Chili said...

Phew! Now I'M tired!!

I, too, am sick of snow days. The last snow day, combined with the holiday on Monday, means I won't see my Composition kids for almost three straight weeks. It's going to be a LOOOOONG semester.

I'm posting my essay questions tomorrow, by the way. Thanks for asking - I can't believe I didn't list them for you all. Sometimes, I'm not so smart...

Clix said...

You are too - otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to ask you to list the questions so I could ste... er... use them! ;D

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