Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Mostly, I'm battling the epic monster that is yearbook these days. But last night, I did have a little time, and I COULD have popped on and posted something brilliant and insightful (stop laughing). I decided not to. Instead, I opted to select outfits that matched, right down to the socks.

"But Clix," you might respond. "You are the Queen of Whatever's Clean. Why would you do something like that? Have you SEEEEEN the light?"

Newp. But I will be going to the GATE Conference this weekend. GATE stands for Georgia... something. I bet the "T" stands for "Teachers." Maybe it's "Georgia Teachers of Excellence." I could look it up but I don't feel like bothering, and there's nobody here to make me! HA HA!

This is my first honest-to-goodness teacher conference. The conferences I went to and met teachers at before don't really count, at least not as professional conferences. For me, anyway. I dunno, something about having Klingons, comic-book superheroes, stormtroopers, and various scantily-clad alien females wander by makes it difficult to maintain a scholarly mindset.

So, anyway, I'm pretty psyched. I mean, if nothing else, first of all I get out of school for TWO WHOLE DAYS! woot! And second, almost our entire department is going. I really like my department, so that's a good thing. Hopefully rooming with me won't be a terrible experience. :{ I'm thinking about taking a wee bottle of shampoo with me because my hair is incredibly thick and I don't want to squander all of the shampoo from the hotel's bottle. And I'm going to try VERY VERY HARD to take care of my dirty clothes and put them away RIGHT AWAY. And not make a mess.

At any rate, after - hm - TOMORROW! - I will be out of commission, internetically speaking, for a couple of days. In the meantime, I have snitched a meme from Tense Teacher and maybe, maybe I will have it posted before I leave.


mybellringers said...

Have fun on your trip! The only problem with taking time off is that the work seems to pile up :-( especially those blasted yearbook pages… sigh…

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