Sunday, February 10, 2008


Free stuff I got at the conference:

The Good Writer's Guide
The Good Reader's Guide
(they didn't have a page for this one)
Letters My Mother Never Read
The Gods of Mars
A Princess of Mars
Blood Is Thicker
Ragged Dick
The Virginian
The Schwa Was Here
Poetry: A Pocket Anthology
(though you'd have to have darn big pockets!)
The Code
Animal Farm
The Metamorphosis (graphic novel)
The Trojan Horse (graphic novel)
Everyday Editing
Shakespeare Set Free (R&J, Midsummer, Macbeth)
I have the earlier version and I like it a lot - I'm curious how this one compares
American Lit EOCT Prep
Freshman Lit EOCT Prep
The Reader's Journey, Grade 8
Passing the Freshman Lit EOCT
Passing the ELA Graduation Test
Webster's Student Notebook Dictionary (except I have the second edition)

Plus lots of catalogs and tables of contents to (attempt to) whet my appetite.


Dana Huff said...

Wow, good haul! I am definitely going to have to go next year. If they are still alternating it like they have done in the past, it will be Savannah.

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