Monday, April 07, 2008


Dear Administrators,

If you are going to require that we include information on writeup forms that can only be accessed by logging in to the server, please do what you can to make sure that the servers are at least SOMEWHAT reliable.



Mrs. Chili said...

TCC's server is almost comically unreliable. I do everything on MY computer first, then upload to the server. I've saved my butt (not to mention whole classes' worth of grades) that way.

Clix said...

I guess I could do this manually - since I do the yearbook, I have a copy of the master schedule, so I could look up what other classes the students have, but really! I shouldn't have to in the first place. Grh.

It just boils my duck!

mybellringers said...

Obviously the server is not there to serve ;-)

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