Monday, May 12, 2008

The Battle for the Book

1. Students choose their assignments.
2. Some assignments may be chosen by more than one student; other assignments may get ignored. This is fine.
3. All spreads will be considered to be "in competition." Each student who requests an assignment will work on a separate version of that assignment. Ms. Clix will also create a version of each assignment.
4. Each student will be fully responsible for his/her own assignment. Students may help each other out, but ultimately, Student A's work is Student A's responsibility, and Student A will get the credit for that work.
5. One week before the shipment is due at the plant, all pages will be printed out to be reviewed by The Word Nazi.
6. The Word Nazi will decide which version of each assignment will be submitted to the plant. Ms. Clix will be present at the reviewing process to answer questions, but the decision will be left to The Word Nazi.
7. If The Word Nazi cannot meet with Ms. Clix within four school days, Ms. Clix will bring the page printouts to The Minister of Grace (aka the publisher's representative), who will make the decision on behalf of The Word Nazi.
8. All pages in the shipment will be zipped and submitted the day the decision is made.
9. A copy of the submission will be sent to The Word Nazi and The Prinvisible.

My hope is that this motivates the students to do their best work, so that they have something to show off, but at the same time removes some of the pressure.


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