Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Look out, world -

cuz here come the feisty flamingoes!

Previously, our high school's four wings were divided by departments: English/electives, science (with labs), social studies/foreign languages, and math/JROTC. The central hallway had the technical classes, special ed, and additional electives. However, this year, the school is implementing a ninth-grade academy. The idea is that incoming freshmen would have (almost) all of their classes on one hall. This means that just about everyone else would be moving rooms, and in many cases, moving halls. The only ones who get a pass are the science teachers and the tech teachers who have lab setups.

The members of the English department are known for being outspoken skilled at verbal expression. We are also the only close-knit department at the school. Some of the more suspicious paranoid tactics-oriented of our group thought that perhaps the administration wanted to mitigate the impact of our sometimes-strident voices. However, the other high school in our district is also implementing a ninth-grade academy, so it's more likely that splitting up our dear department is simply collateral damage.

At any rate, we saw this coming quite a long ways off, and so to thwart the Powers of EVIL keep our friendships strong, we formed a Pink Flamingo club. It makes perfect sense, if you think about it: Flamingoes are noisy and gregarious - like us - and TOTALLY fashionable. Like us!

About once a month (though it's been a bit longer, since it's summer) we get together outside of school time and do something that has NOTHING to do with school and talk about... well, okay, we talk about school, but still! We have fun, and that's what's important.

So it doesn't matter what the administration throws at us, or how things change. We can take it. We are the Mighty Pink Flamingoes!


Melissa B. said...

My English Department is the only close-knit one at our HS, too! All we lack is a name. We'll have to get working on that!

Margaret said...

We have a very tight World Language Dept at my school and we are in permanent portables around a central courtyard. I can't imagine being split; it would be awful, since we share lots of materials, games and ideas. Your Pink Flamingo club sounds great!(but it's not quite as easy as being close to each other at school and being able to easily collaborate)

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