Monday, August 11, 2008


So I'm only to chapter three in Marzano's Art and Science of Teaching, and already I'm frustrated and depressed. Coming up with this kind of stuff takes TIME, time that I just don't HAVE now that I'm in the thick of things. I mean, I have ideas, but putting together directions for practice and formative assessments - just ordering it up and typing it up and emailing it to myself so that I can print it out at school and photocopy it IF the photocopier is working before I have to go to AM duty... AUGH! Again!

Oh, another thing? He talks about "automaticity" as the highest step of procedural knowledge (which is a fancy way for saying 'skill') but see, yes, I can edit and revise almost automatically - but IMO that makes it even HARDER to teach the steps of the process, because I've been doing it for so long that I can hardly remember what order they go in or even what they ARE. AUGH! AGAIN!

They told me it was supposed to get better after a few years, but ... gah! I just keep learning more about what I'm NOT DOING. And it sounds so good... it's like walking past a patisserie when you're famished and you left your wallet in the car. It's just not FAIR.

So tomorrow we're going to discuss learning goals for the King Arthur unit while looking at the Georgia Performance Standards and considering the essential questions for the unit.

Wish me luck.

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Lightly Seasoned said...

Ha. Good luck. I'm spending the next two days curriculum mapping my sophomore course (and matching it up to the new state grade level expectations). I'm ALSO on the district team bringing differentiated teaching in/establishing best practices. And teaching advanced placement Lit. And developing AP Lang. Can we say overwhelmed?

After all this time I still feel like I should know how to do this teaching thing better.

Ah, well -- at least I have another two weeks before the children hit my sunny shores :).

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Good Luck, Clix!

We really do need more time to implement all the wonderful prescriptions from "the research," don't we?

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