Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I can't believe it's almost 8 PM. And today was a GOOD day! It is a darn good thing that I finished up the meme yesterday morning, because yesterday and today have been hectic as anything.

I haven't had a full planning period either day - yesterday I had a meeting with the Lifetouch rep and today I spent most of the period sorting and alphabetizing the zillion forms that the students in my homeroom turned in. Yesterday afternoon I had Journalism club until 5:30, and then I grabbed pizza and came home. Sat down and ate pizza while re-entering grades and begging the computer to save my work this time. Graded more papers while soaking in the tub. And then cut-and-paste a diagnostic test in bed... although I did have to get up to take the snibbles to the trash can.

Then today... I had to get in early to photocopy the test. As the papers came out, I counted them out and then stapled them - I'm SO glad the copier did the collating! It still took me a good 20-30 minutes. And then I had to be in the room as the students came down the hall to homerooms so that I could hand out yearbooks and get the Journalism students to pick up the yearbook sales slips and distribute them all to other homerooms and make SURE you tell them that photo day is ONE WEEK from today, it's next Wednesday and they darn well better get their picture taken only don't put it in those words, please.

It was like that ALL DAY. All yesterday and all today. I've got eight assignments to grade and enter, plus I need to rearrange my unit plans because my library time for our research project is two weeks, but it starts in the middle of one week and ends in the middle of the week two weeks later! grh!

It's just been nuts. Fortunately tomorrow is Thursday and I think I MIGHT get to use my planning period to actually, yanno, PLAN. Or at least enter grades.

Oh, and of course, today is Carnival Day! Maybe not the highlight of my week (that somewhat dubious honor probably goes to our Seventh Sea game), but definitely something I look forward to. This week's carnival has a wonderful smattering of posts with new perspectives and thought provoking and making me smile. All good.

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cupcake said...

I hope your experiences with Lifetouch are better than mine. I will kick that company to the curb at the end of this year, I assure you.

You are the busy girl! Congrats on getting so much accomplished.

Melissa B. said...

Oh, gosh. Lifetouch, huh? Well, they've done our YB photos for YEARS, but they're pretty smarmy folks. I keep wondering if the administration is taking "kickbacks" from these sleezes, or they're just too lazy to fire these folks and find someone else. Unfortunately, the YB adviser (moi) has no say in the matter! Please pop on over when you're not so busy!

Clix said...

Actually, uh, *I* get the kickbacks from Lifetouch. Not in cash, mind, but because they do our portraits, I can schedule them to cover any school event (although they'll only cover one game/meet/match for each sport; they WILL cover a practice as well, though).

cupcake said...

They cover our sports too, but it's just not worth it. I emailed my rep THREE TIMES the past few months and heard not one word from him in response. I also emailed his boss. Again, nothing.

If I'm not worth the time it takes to answer a question about senior portrait photography, then they can go somewhere else. I'm through.

Clix said...

I rarely talk to our rep. The person I talk to is a scheduling person and she is AWESOME. She returns phone calls within hours and emails within minutes. (I'm not joking, either - I get replies to emails in about 15 minutes, tops, during the day.)

I'm always asking for stuff that I'm not sure I can get, and even if she can't give me exactly what I ask for, she can invariably find a way to get me what I need.

She is MAGIC.

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