Friday, October 17, 2008

All right, all right!

I admit it. I'm procrastinating.

Ugh. I've been on top of things ALL WEEK, and now it's Friday, and I've got two assignments to hand back in first period, and I haven't responded to them. Plus I haven't written the pop quiz they're supposed to take.

It's times like this that I do wonder why I don't just march through the lit book and the supplemental materials. :P

It's the freewriting that's got me stuck. I've responded to three sets and I've got one more (the other assignment will go quickly). And... I just feel like I'm not responding intelligently anymore. Like there are these pat responses: "this is confusing," "this is interesting but it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of what you're saying," "neat idea - can you think of examples to use for support," and so on.

How do you give unique, individualized responses to 100+ journal-like-things? Can it be done?


Jasmin Loire said...

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OKP said...

Sometimes I don't -- sometimes I make a key of the stuff I day most (like the three comments you listed). I write the key and give them a copy. Then I only need to think of at least one original thing to write on each paper.

Sometimes I go through with a highlighter and pick out words, phrases or ideas that appeal to me, or are strong, etc., and then tell them to look for their "golden lines."

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