Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On Classroom Discipline

So the Hunk is a one-on-one teacher at another school in our district. Today, the student he works with was out, and the Hunk was waiting to be told where he'd be needed. While he was waiting, he overheard another teacher fussing at her students to work silently and individually, as they had been misbehaving when she'd allowed them some freedom to talk.

She had been asked to go speak to one of the assistant principals, and since there wasn't anybody to cover the class at the moment, the Hunk stepped in, gallant hero that he is!

So of course, when the students look up and see someone they don't know, and the "real" teacher leaves, there's a few moments of considering, and then they went back to goofing around.

But my clever Hunk put a stop to THAT! "I just told them that I'd overheard their teacher say that they weren't to be talking," he said. "But I think it was the way I said it that really got their attention. You see, I kind of did a bit of an impersonation..."

"It was fun, too!" he said.

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