Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Woke Up This Mornin'

So. It's finally over. Online, I'm seeing a lot of "YES, WE DID!" posted.

But you see, every ending is also a beginning, including - especially including - this one. "Yes, we did" makes it sound like everything's finished, and it's so not.

And yet I don't think continuing to say "Yes, we can" shows the current state of things, either. The Hunk was on the phone with a friend who said that at work, some slope-headed peabrain snarked that the US would 'go to hell in a handcart if a n--r got put in the White House.' But now it's not if but a when. Changes are happening and will continue to happen. And let's face it - our country still needs a lot of changin'.

Now it's not "Yes, we can," but "YES, WE WILL!"

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Melissa B. said...

Oh, he's gonna have soooooooo much to tackle. But I think Obama's the man for the job. I had a little more Pep in my Step this morning. I have hope, and that's a real good thing!

Clix said...

I'd been hoping for this moment since the... oh, gosh, I can't remember the name of that speech. The one that came outta nowhere. Call to Renewal? I've got it saved on my computer at home. While I'm concerned by his idealism, I think we need that message of hope. McCain seems to represent adversity - triumph through adversity, maybe, but I think Obama's message of hope is what makes it possible to continue struggling until that triumph is reached.

Anyway. Just a bit of worn-out rambling. :)

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