Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Puppy Thoughts

Merry Christmas to all of my celebrating online friends! If Christmas isn't your holiday of choice, best wishes to you and yours this season and every day. (That goes for the rest of you too, by the way!)

As much as I sometimes get disappointed and even frustrated with the secularization and commercialization of what is theoretically a religious holiday, I must say, it is sadly helpful to have a culturally-sanctioned smack upside the head as a reminder of just how good I've got things!

Thank you all so much for your support, advice, conversations and camaraderie over the past... well, however long it's been.

I'll be heading north... maybe tomorrow, but it's looking more like Saturday. I dunno, maybe we'll pull a marathon and drive through the night like we sometimes do, but then again, the prospect of icy roads gives me chills. I remember what it's like to be driving just fine one moment and then hit a patch of black ice and suddenly for no apparent reason your car is just gliiiiding along peacefully, right into the other lane of traffic!

Right now I'm taking a break from working on MORE DARN YEARBOOK PAGES which I will be taking with me when we go. Bleaugh. But I've got the materials I need (well, mostly) and a box of Wheat Thins (well, the crumbled remains) and what's left of a glass of sweet tea.

And I've got the world's sweetest Jack Russell sitting on my lap for company. What's not to love?

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Mrs. Chili said...

As someone who doesn't partake in religion, I'm happy for the secularization of the holiday - it means that I get to have some fun, too (though I agree with you on the commercialization part - I've always felt that was done to excess). Besides, even us pagans are on board with the ideas of the holiday - love, peace, hope, and compassion are all pretty high on my personal agenda.

Be safe as you travel, please. Icy roads are terrifying, and I'd rather you not encounter them...

Happy, merry!


The Science Goddess said...

I'm not churchy, either, but appreciate the variety of reasons people may take time out to reflect on what's meaningful (for some, that is the commercial stuff), bring some closure to the year, and have a little hope for the future. Happy holidays to one and all!

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Merry and Blessed Christmas season to you and yours, Clix!

Lightly Seasoned said...

As a "churchy person" I resent the secularization of Advent. It's supposed to be a time of getting one's spiritual house in order ("make straight the path of the Lord"); instead, the pressure of preparing for the holidays makes it nearly impossible to spend any time being reflective.

Oh, well, at least we have two whole glorious weeks of Winter Break :). Enough time to mark those research papers AND take some time for myself!

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