Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Losing an Hour of Sleep

Okay, so it's ten after four and I've been up for over an hour. We had a WICKED windstorm come through and wake all of us up - even Puppie came back and hopped into bed with us, poor guy! He's still little, but not all that young anymore, and we just brought him back from an overnight at the vet. So we loved on him for awhile, rather than shooing him right back to bed.

I decided maaaybe it wasn't a good idea to leave the computer on and connected to the internetz, so I came out to check on my upload to the yearbook plant.

Fail. AGAIN.

So I closed that out and started sending a smaller file. And then I thought, eh, shouldn't take too long, I'll watch it upload & then shut things down.

And my throat was a little rough, so I boiled some water and made some tea. My sick hadn't gotten better, so yesterday I went to the doctor TOO (after we picked Puppie up) and got a shot and THREE PRESCRIPTIONS. Sheesh.

However, I must say, I feel a lot better! ;D

I got home late and was ready for supper (which was cold) and a treat - but the Hunk had eaten the last of the Rice Krispy treats AND the last of the Haagen-Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream. Which is, like, really good. I'm not big on ice cream - IF I get in the mood for ice cream, one or two spoonfuls (not scoopfuls - like, teaspoons full) is generally enough for me. But I can eat that stuff by the... cup, I guess. *laugh* It still takes me a few days to go through a pint.

And it was GONE. And there were NO OTHER TREATS!! Pout.

But he made brownies! Yay! I love my Hunk! He's so good to me.

So as my image file finishes its upload, I've finished off my brownie (YES, I had only ONE... more...) I'm sipping the last of my tea and reading through my bloglist and my goodreads groups. The wind has mostly died down (though there's still some crazy thunder, so I'm definitely going to shut the computer off) and Puppie has gone back to his bed.

Life is good.


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