Thursday, January 01, 2009

It is ten past two in the afternoon

... and I still have not finished the grading that I intended to have completed last week.



Lightly Seasoned said...

Sorry :(. I finally finished grading all those $%& research papers this morning and updated engrade. Our exams begin next Friday, so I like to go into them completely on top of everything.

Of course, not that I've written my exams... I need to quit monkeying around with my courses so I can reuse them! I also need to get off my lazy butt and do some prepping for next semester.

I did finish 5 books, though :).

Melissa B. said...

Yeah, and I still haven't finished all the college recs I have to do. Maybe tomorrow? BTW, I've got 2 other things on my mind today. First off, don't forget Sx3's a stitch! And I've got a pretty good chance of snagging a superior blog award...thanking you in advance for your support!

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