Sunday, March 08, 2009

John Green, Nerd Boy and Why I Heart Him

Although I have not yet enjoyed any of John Green's books - I dunno if I'd have to be in the right mood or what - I've started all three of them and wound up putting them down - his blog is fantastic. And he does videos!

(This may be NSFW - he does say "breasts" - but then I don't have youtube at school anyway.)

"If you want to get fifteen-year-old boys to like you, the first thing you should do... is become a giraffe."

When you realize that all brains gesture and all eyelids flutter and everybody feels awkward, boys will like you because we will be scared of your knowledge.

Katie, I have two words for you: NERD BOYS.

Katie, I know that nerd boys don't sparkle in the sunshine, but they're sensitive, they're caring, they're sweet, they'll do nice stuff for you... they're a little bit needy, I will grant you that they're a little bit needy.



HappyChyck said...

I heart NERD BOYS! That is very profound advice!

Clix said...

Me too!! That's why I married one :D

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