Friday, April 17, 2009


Sometimes I feel bad that I don't include my co-teacher in our lessons more. I haven't had any training, but I do try to make it (theoretically) possible for him to share.

It's not easy, though. First of all, we share the same planning period. I think this is supposed to be so that we can work together on lessons and teach cooperatively. However, as a coach, he has "volunteered" to give up his planning period to ... I dunno. Do coach stuff, I guess.

So honestly, I mostly feel like I'm on my own.

Today after the late bell rang, I went and closed the doors to the classroom and he was just out there in the hall, chatting with another coach. He came into the room five minutes later.

Then, as the students were working on their daily writing, he sat and chatted with a parapro about something in the newspaper.


I feel like it would almost be easier if he WASN'T THERE, because not only is it darn near impossible to teach cooperatively when we don't have any cooperative planning time, he creates a distraction and is modeling off-task behavior.

It is NOT okay to walk into class late - repeatedly! Or to ignore work and do something more entertaining. But I'm not sure how to address it without seeming petty and nitpicky.

*sigh* I have ten students in class today. Ten. On a literature circle day! How are we supposed to get a darn thing done?


loonyhiker said...

Why not take turns taking "the lead" about certain topics? He might feel useless or afraid to step on your toes but won't bring up the subject first. I would sit down with him and ask him for suggestions on how he could be more involved. Maybe he is waiting for the invitation? Just some thoughts.

Melissa B. said...

It's hard to "cooperate" when you have little time to plan your strategies, I'll bet. But if he's so into "coach" stuff, do you think he's that interested in "cooperation"? PS: Please make sure to come over & Share the Caption Love for Sx3 today!

Lightly Seasoned said...

Argh!! Hate this, hate this, hate this. I really think the majority of sped teachers don't think they're responsible for the CT classes -- they think of them as the reg ed.'s classes and so it is optional if they show up or not I'm dealing with a whole lot of this, and I have no solutions. Be more assertive? But then you're the Big B. I have had great partners who collaborate to the benefit of the kids. My partner in the remedial class last year was useless (and didn't care -- I tried to give her specific responsibilities, but then I wouldn't see her again for a week.); this year I have a former partner back who makes a point of backing up the lessons we do in class with follow-ups in the sped class she has with most of the kids. We spend all kinds of time talking about the individual kids, strategies, etc.

Luck of the draw, I guess. One reason I'm happy I'm moving into the AP classes. I really enjoy my sped kids (especially the ones with Aspergers), but the sped staff stresses me out.

Liz said...

I finally started giong to your website, but now you don't update it.

Liz said...

Liz = Philip by the way.

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