Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Reason...

you shouldn't prop open the door to the outside, even though you're in the room working on the Darn Book:


Today we had two unexpected visitors who weren't the least bit interested in the book. (It did make it, despite the drama during the week. More on that later.) They had no interest in going back out the door, despite repeated protest from yours truly. However, once we turned off the lights, they did go out the window.

Good times...

Anyway. On Monday I got an email from our yearbook rep telling us the book had shipped. I breathed a sigh of mingled relief (because we'd get it in time to distribute it) and nervousness (because there have already been horror stories).

Then on Wednesday, I get another email from the rep saying no, sorry, there's another OLHS out there, and their book was the one that shipped on Monday. No sighs this time. Heart rate escalates rapidly. It was a darn good thing I'd clipped my nails really short the night before, otherwise I'd be sporting some crescent-shaped scars across my palms.

So then I email back saying "look, we've already made arrangements for our distribution day - is there ANY way we can get the book by Friday? we were planning to set things up over the weekend & distribute Monday." Rep emails back & says she's working on it.

Friday morning I'm working on putting together a special award for the editor and kind of skipping AM duty to finish it up (the hot glue gun took for EVER to heat up) and I got a call from the office. I figured they were gonna tsk-tsk-tsk me for not being on duty but no.


So I had to keep them under wraps. Wasn't too difficult - we DID announce that the book was here, but it's the Friday before school lets out. Do you really think anyone was listening to afternoon announcements??

Anyway. It's now 11:11 and I'm making my wish. Tonight it's a double.

Keep me in your prayers for the next two weeks or so...


Liz said...

Geez. From the horror stories, I think the comments are worse than the stories themselves. I could never, NEVER be in charge of yearbook.

Clix said...

Yep, I think that's gonna be one of my next posts: a letter to clueless f*ers.

Clueless f*ers are the bane of society - perhaps even of LIFE. If we could get morons like those comment-posters to stop procreating, my life would be so much easier.

Probably because my job would no longer be needed.

Melissa B. said...

We won't get our yearbook for another week or so. I'm a tad anxious about mistakes, etc., since we had so many computer problems this year, but what the heck-c'est la vie, oui? To lighten your mood a bit, you should stop by for Sx3 today...we've got quite a Fish Tale goin' on!

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