Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seriously bummed

When your new yearbook rep meets with you, then goes to meet with your administrator, saying she'll stop back by your room to let you know how it went, but doesn't - how long do you wait before your worry is classified as 'legitimate concern' rather than 'paranoia'?

Also? Arranged with my department to fan-follow an author who'd offered a Skype interview to his 1000th fan. According to the counter, one of our teachers should've been it - but an update today named somebody else. :( Bummer, but not too big a deal, because I was already planning on Hautman and Doctorow. (yey!)

I just - I hate not knowing what's going on with the rep. I know that this admin has approached other teachers about co-sponsoring the book. I've also told her several times that if she thinks she needs another teacher to take care of the yearbook, I will support her decision. It's always "no, no, no."

But is it?

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Melissa B. said...

Yearbooks are a real pain in the bee-hind, aren't they? I've learned that many of the adults in a high school are passive-aggressive, just like the kids, so maybe you could include the yearbook rep in that category, too. We're gonna start handing out our book on Tuesday, and we have more than a couple of mistakes we're gonna have to account for. Oh, well. I wish you luck, and in the meantime, PS: Please don't forget to join our Sunday Funnies with a visit to Sx3 today!

mybellringers said...

Did you ever find out what happened? I would have waited, oh maybe, a nano second, before I called the rep to see what was going on. Hang in there and keep me posted…

Clix said...

I did call. The call went straight to voicemail, I left a message, and I haven't heard anything back. That was... Friday? I think. She hasn't contacted me since our meeting a week ago today.

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