Monday, July 06, 2009

Fingers Crossed, Pulse Racing

Proof that summer break isn't really a break...

School has been out for just over a month. It is just under a month until teachers go back. Students return one month from tomorrow.

I've been having school-dreams for the past week - just about solid. What's got me nervous right now is feedback. I really want to give timely, detailed feedback, and I'm not sure how (or even if!) I can.

Management doesn't worry me too much, except that students would rather watch TV than read (or write) something challenging. There's a lot of contradictory, unhelpful fluff out there: you need to make it interesting/relevant for the class (never mind that each student is going to have different perspectives on what's interesting/relevant); your expectations should be high but not TOO high (how high is that? - and don't forget that each student has a unique ability level).

I have one of Carol Tomlinson's books to look over - hopefully gonna read that in the next few days. We'll see how much of it is practical rather than polemic.

Just got back from flat-water kayaking (finally!) and have learned that ALL of you needs to be sprayed with mosquito repellent. They can bite through three layers of clothing, apparently. Yikes!

I think I want a kayak. I like it a lot - the Hunk says flat-water is boring, but I find it peaceful. And I think it probably gives you a better workout than whitewater. Between that and dancing, I could get myself in great shape! (Maybe.)

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Melissa B. said...

Kayaking AND Disney? Whoo boy, gal, you had a busy couple weeks! We don't go back 'til the day after Labor Day, and I'm still dreading it a tad. Usually, though, once I jump into it I'm OK. Just like riding a bicycle, right?

Clix said...

Oo, and I haven't even started THINKING about journalism production. Yikes! I need to check on times for portraits. *SIGH*

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