Friday, July 24, 2009

The Road to Hell Is Thickly Paved

... although I am not the one leaving Reese's wrappers on the floor! Hang on, though, while I go throw it away.

ok, back - not like you missed anything. I can't complain too much, though, because the Hunk DID let me commandeer the entire closet in our bedroom. His stuff is now over in the library (which doubles as a guest bedroom). They both look quite spiff and organized. I wonder how long they'll stay that way...

I've finished the first draft of my English II units for this year. Want feedback. Help help help!

Plan for today is to get the Hunk to do all the outside-foo while I pick up around here. And write my donorschoose essays. And play World of Warcraft (shhh).

Oh - SCORE! We got our class schedules in the mail. I have two sections of Journalism each semester - one each of intro & advanced! Unfortunately, I can't log in to PowerSchools to see if I've got the same students each semester - I'm really hoping so.

It's a HUGE relief, because I was planning to 'split' the class into n00bz & vets anyway, and now I'll be able to focus on each group, instead of just the one I'm working with. woot!

Lots to do. Off to call the Shakespeare Tavern - ta!

ETA: Tony is out of the office but will call back Monday! woot!


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