Wednesday, September 02, 2009

EduCarnival v2 - Issue 2

So it's Tuesday night and I'm struggling. I look back at the blog and my last post was on Thursday when I went home from school cuz I was so sick. And I wonder how other teachers keep up with their blogs.

I don't even have rugrats!

Today was a hard day. I did finally catch up with my grading and in the process confirmed a nagging suspicion: my journalism students are blowing off their work outside of class. They've done a fairly good job of working their little tails off during class time, but it's like, once they're out that door, all thought of work evaporates from their brains. I had students who were supposed to pick up printouts at the end of the day. Not ONE of them even showed up. *sigh* I really wanted to come home and beat the snot out of some mobs, but wouldn't you know it, WoW is down. AURGH!

And the EduCarnival is kind of sparse. I figure it's mostly my fault, because I didn't think to go back to BlogCarnival and set up a new edition, so it looked like last week's was the only one that there was going to be! Plus ... I don't know. Part of me wants to go around and comment everywhere and say HEY PLEASE HELP! and then part of me feels... I don't know... WEIRD! about doing that. Or about just including links to posts I've read and liked during the week.

teachin' presents Keep On Keepin' On: The Teacher Look posted at I'm a Dreamer. Teachin', I have a few catchphrases in addition to The Look - it's gotten to the point that my students will throw them at each other!

Pinyo presents Buy Or Rent Textbooks Online To Save Money posted at Moolanomy Personal Finance, saying, "Textbooks are necessary, but expensive. And they make terrible long-term investment. Instead of buying brand new textbooks from the Campus store, try buying them online or rent them." Our campus bookstores had a buyback program, but the amount was a pittance. I also recommend NOT buying the books until you've gone to the class a few times; you might want to see about sharing a book with a classmate.

Jen presents What Could You Do With This? posted at TheInfamousJ, saying, "This is a series of images designed to inspire lessons or lesson plans. There is a special link at the end which shows what I was able to do with the inspiration, should anyone wish to steal." But Jen, is it stealing if you give us permission?

Marco presents 7 Reasons Why Universities Should Make Textbooks Available on eBook Readers posted at Digital Book Readers.

Mathew Needleman presents Back to School Week: It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint posted at Creating Lifelong Learners. Hm. I may need to read this every week. Thanks for the reminder!


OnlineCollege presents Universities that Offer Online Doctoral Degrees posted at Top Accredited Colleges.

Linda Jones spices things up, presenting the Top 10 College Scandals of All Time posted at Online Colleges.

Emma Taylor presents 100 Best Tips from College Admissions Counselors – Online Degree Top Online Degrees posted at Online Degree

Jake Wilkie presents 25 Free Open Courseware Classes About Alternative Medicine posted at Medicine|e-Learning.

Kate Hopkins presents Words of Wisdom: 100 Must-Read Blog Posts for Incoming Freshman posted at online

Alvina Lopez presents 101 Ways to Go Green in College posted at Online College Reviews - College Ratings.

So help me figure out what I should do.

1) Is it kosher to include links to posts around the edusphere, even if they weren't actually sent in by the author or original host?

2) Is it kosher to go around and leave comments asking people to send a post in if I like it? or is it better to ask them to send a post that THEY like? or is it too self-promote-y all around?


loonyhiker said...

I'm sorry. I didn't know if you were going to do another one so I didn't submit one. I think it is alright to ask someone to submit a post if you like it because I would be flattered. If you post something from someone that didn't submit, I think it is alright to mention that and add a link to their post. I think the purpose of this is to share good things with others right? Should I submit a post for the next issue now? When is the deadline?

Clix said...

Yeah, that's what I figured. I'm going to keep it a weekly thing. Deadline is Mondays, 6 PM Eastern; that gives me a good while before Wednesday to get things organized & posted so even on a CRAZY week (like this past week was) I can get it up Wednesday AM. I know that I was always hunting for a Carnival even before driving in to work on Wednesdays! :D

And sure, I've already gone ahead & set up next week's edition in BlogCarnival so it should be ready! Let me know if you have any problems.

Jasmin Loire said...

I think dropping a comment with, "This is so fantastic, you should totally submit it to EduCarnival," would be flattering and not self-promotey at all. After all, when I visit blogs I often leave such comments even when I am not vested in whatever it is that I'm trying to get them to submit to.

By the way, thanks for featuring my entry. I made a new teaching year's resolution to blog more, so hopefully you'll have me as a regular contributor.

teachin' said...

I too was unsure if a second one would be happening, but I figured it couldn't hurt to submit, so yay! I think it's cool to do 1 and 2, AND maybe to email prominent edubloggers and ask them to do a shout out. Plus I always liked the hosted-on-different-sites part of the original - maybe do that too? I'd be happy to host, though I don't have many readers.

Mr. B said...

I think that approach to soliciting posts is fine - it worked with me! I didn't even know this was going on, and blog carnivals are somewhat of a new things for me, so I was happy to be informed.

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