Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Can't Do It Alone

So last weekend I did get to go to some of the workshops run by Mischief Man, as well as (yay!) lots of panels on the YA Lit track and the SFLit track. And I realized a few important things.

1) I really, honest-to-goodness have NO interest in writing professionally.
2) You don't get to talk about books and/or the craft of story unless you're a published author.
3) Authors get to talk about books A LOT.

This is incredibly frustrating, because THAT'S what I want to do. I was constantly, constantly biting my tongue at the panels I went to and OMG it was torture.

And I only get to do this once a year! If I don't find some sort of outlet for book-geeking I am going to go crazy. I am going to go EVEN CRAZIER THAN I ACTED TODAY DURING FOURTH BLOCK!

So I need your help. (Very, very mild profanity behind the link.)

To be a more effective teacher (by setting a good example for my students and demonstrating the behaviors I want them to practice), I need to write more.

To be able to talk about books A LOT and thus preserve my sanity, I need to write more.

So. I am going to write more. (Imagine me doing one of those hitting-my-own-palm gestures.) This month, I am going to update Epic Adventures with original content three times each week: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Plus the Carnival on Wednesdays, but I'm not counting that. Next month, I am going to complete a series of exercises designed to get me thinking about fiction - specifically, a novel. And then the month after is November, which means NANOWRIMO, during which I will write The Damn Amazing Book (working title).

(This should not, of course, be confused with the Damn Book.)

(Also: I told you it was mild! You naughty thing, you!)

There weren't (alas!) any workshops called "Writing Is Like Broccoli: You'll Learn To Love It." But I did get a chance to corner Mischief Man, who suggested - in all sincerity, though he was chuckling a bit - that I tell myself that it's fun. That I love doing this.

Guys, I am just not that good a liar.

I need YOU to lie to me.

Tell me it's worth it. Tell me that it gets easier. Encourage me to keep going. Tell me that adversity builds character. Tell me you can't WAIT to read my next post. Oo, here's a good one: remind me that I said I would, because it's WAY harder to let things slide when I feel like someone's counting on me.

Lie - and maybe I'll believe it.


musicartwords said...

it's worth it. it gets easier. keep going. adversity builds character. I can't WAIT to read your next post. remember you said you would,

It is!!!! I use your posts to find books to my students and son b/c I am not a boy, never was, and "boy" genre isn't my thing. I read it all before I recommend it, but I don't know where to look first.

jf_habecker said...

BECAUSE you write and talk about writing--and quite often either hound me to do so or give me "gifts" like journals that rather blatantly suggest you expect me to do so--I continue to write. (I believe you have more moxie for taking the next step, so I'll keep watching.)

HappyChyck said...

Ohmygosh! I love to read your writing! If you find enjoyment in writing, keep doing it!

Melissa B. said...

Blogging has really sharpened my writing, and helped me find a "voice," such as it is. And you KNOW Epic Adventures is worth reading! What would we do w/o Clix in the Blogosphere? Keep on truckin', babe...

Clix said...

Thanks guys! *grin* Last night's post had been jumping around in my head for awhile. Sometimes they just don't want to come out. ;p

Now I need to look over my drafts and see what I'm going to do for tomorrow. (Either that or grade some research papers.)

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