Thursday, October 15, 2009

EduCarnival v2 Issue 8 (for real, this time)

The EduCarnival is NOT here this week - it's over at Bellringers! Richie is her usual delightfully clever-charming-witty self, and I'm just tickled that she was the first stop on our tour. (Also? Don't forget to congratulate her on her NEW BOOK!)

Sorry about the number mixup. This is why I teach English, not math. ;D

If you're interested in hosting, please email me at uncomfortableadventures (at) yahoo (dot) com to let hem know! I'll email ya right(ish) back. All I'd ask is that you continue to be patient with me as I pretend I know what I'm doing with BlogCarnival. ;)

Expect a new "real" post TOMORROW, as it is Friday, and I will actually, you know, BE HERE.


Melissa B. said...

Thanks, as always, for organizing us. I always enjoy attending a good carnival...

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