Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Minor Discomfort

No, not THAT kind, sillies!

We are fortunate enough to have an individual staff bathroom in each teacher workroom. There's also one in the office and one in the media center. Each one has a toilet, a sink with insanely high water pressure yet minimal output - splash city! - one trash can, a paper towel dispenser / shredder, a light switch, and a fan switch.

The toilet paper dispenser was one of those annoying ones that only spins once before it catches. Fortunately, we called down to the construction teacher and he took a hacksaw to the little pin that kept it from rolling freely. Mwahaha!

But, well, I don't think I'm overly sensitive in having some basic expectations for my "personal time."

(1) Turn the light off when you're done. It's not like there's ANY danger of turning the light out on someone else! And with as tight as money has been lately, it's more important than ever to keep the energy bill low.

(2) However, leave the fan ON. This one frustrates me, because I can totally see how people want to conserve. But. There is NO other ventilation, and it's a small room with water fixtures. Even when there's no obvious reason to turn the fan on, it still gets kind of musty. Ick!

(3) Prop the door open when you leave. As above; leaving the door open helps keep the room ventilated. Of course, there are some times when you want to AVOID sending the air from the bathroom out into the teacher workroom...!

And last but not least -

(4) If the door is closed, either wait for the person to come out or knock gently. This one is a dealbreaker for me. I cannot adequately describe the sudden, intense PANIC when I'm in the bathroom and I hear the doorknob rattle, because GOD forbid, any of a number of issues with the latch can result in sheer MISERY.

We're not teenagers, here, people. (Anyway, I'm not.)

Now it's off to go edit tomorrow's EDUCARNIVAL! Next week the EduCarnival will be hosted over at Bellringers ... if I can figure out how to make that work...

Wish me luck!

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