Friday, April 30, 2010

Scared, Excited, Panicked

The yearbooks are HERE.


Denée Tyler said...

Mine are here, too. Why is this scary and panicky?

Clix said...

Because we haven't given them out yet. I just KNOW we're going to get complaints & stuff. Plus we have students who ordered but haven't finished paying... blih!

also I posted this before the administration had seen them & said they were wonderful ;)

HappyChyck said...

In the last two years, the yearbook rep has sent us all a positive note congratulating us on finishing our books. She also stresses that we are human and that it is okay for books to have a few little errors. It is students work. They are human. Humans make errors. A yearbook is still a miracle--it's the only class that publishes a book in a year!

So, not matter what, CELEBRATE!

Clix said...

THANK you, Happy! I needed to hear that. ^.^

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