Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Should Read

Hopefully you've already noticed (because my readers are smart notice-y folk!) that most of the blogs I link to are teacher-blogs or otherwise have something to do with education. But lately I've started expanding my horizons, so to speak, as I find other blogs that are about reading or writing or otherwise connect to my curricular matter even if they don't have an educational focus.

Since I figure that mostly I get read by teachers, particularly other English teachers, I decided to share some of those other blogs with you. Maybe you don't read them, but you should!

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management is an agency that represents a wide variety of authors. The blog has several contributors, and mostly it deals with issues about writing and publishing and representation.

What I particularly like about this blog is (a) the variety in the topics, and (b) the way the tone is both professional and personal. I really feel like I'm having a conversation with a group of people who really know what they're talking about, but they don't talk down at me.

I've only started reading it recently, but it's been interesting to get to think about books from a different angle.

I'm thinking about making this an ongoing series. I don't know how regular it will be - one thing I've learned is that making promises seems to jinx me! - but I do know that I've got more non-teacher blogs that have helped me as a teacher.

What non-ed blogs do you follow, and why?

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Rachel said...

The blogs I read are either teacher-y or just blogs of personal friends/family. Or Pioneer Woman, from whom I glean many new & delicious recipes!

Clix said...

I've told some of my family members that THEY NEED TO START BLOGGING ;)

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