Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I made it!

So the 2009-2010 year has drawn to a close. (For me, anyway.) The past week has been hectic, what with final projects / exams, grading, hunting down the few students who didn't pick up their yearbooks when they were supposed to, packing up the room, meetings, covering computers with garbage bags so that they don't get any more dust in them than they need to, putting files in order, closing out accounts... whew!

Won't have a whole lot of time to rest, though. Right now I really should be getting the last of the laundry done so that I can finish PACKING FOR DISNEY WORLD! Wuhu! We leave tomorrow. I'm so excited. In fact, we may wind up leaving tonight. ;D


mybellringers said...

Lucky you! I have one more week to go! Have fun in the magic kingdom.

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