Thursday, May 06, 2010

I Wanted a Big Sign That Said DRAMATIC IRONY!!

Yeah, so at yesterday's staff meeting, our principal gave us like a twenty-minute sermon about how we need to be doing everything we can for our students, and does it really matter when they learn the material so long as they learn it? and that a zero throws the average completely out of whack and it ought to be about the learning, not the grades. Because that's what really matters, right? The knowledge. The skills. Not the grades.

All of this came immediately on the heels of a sermon about the results of the state graduation test. This is my I am totlee seryuss face here.

wot evar, dude.

I have little doubt that I understand the jargon he was tossing around pots better than he does, and my cynicism stems from that understanding of the kind of support it requires and the knowledge that there's no way in hell we're going to get it anytime soon.

again: wot evar.


Tom Roth said...

I believe that administrators must take a course in talking out of both sides of the mouth (i.e. BS) while never actually saying anything. It is an amazing talent - though once a teacher begins to listen closely and learn the language, it becomes quite painful and disheartening to have to sit and listen to.

Clix said...

Yeah. And frustrating. It was completely a waste of my time. Grrrr! ANGRY FACE!

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Clix said...

Well, um... thanks.

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