Thursday, July 22, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: July 22

Starting to feel achy-sore now. I stretch pretty carefully about a minute and a half into my walk, maybe halfway through, after I finish, and then off and on for the next hour or so. Thus, so far, I have not had to worry about cramps. Just being tired and sore.

When I got up I noticed that there was a sticky bun out. So I ate that after I came back from my walk. Wouldn't want it to go to waste. Plus I did four laps this morning, up from three. Granted, I only ran the top loop on two of the laps (numbers two and four, in case you were wondering) but still.

However, I found that I was still hungry. And I could not decide what I wanted to eat. Actually, to be more accurate, I could not decide what I wanted to FIX to eat. I am a very low-maintenance cook. (Some might call it lazy.) So now I am crunching away at some celery while I boil two eggs.

Why is it that things that are good for me (like celery) are not nearly as enjoyable as things that are bad for me (like the molasses cookies I love so much)?

Why do little things take so long? It is going to take me a solid half hour to get to my word count. I have laundry to pop from the washer to the dryer. The lower shelf of the dishwasher has not been emptied, which means putting the dishes away. That always takes longer than I want it to. And it FEELS like it takes even longer than THAT!

Plus I have a few more modifications to make to my costume. The belt is done, as is the shirt. I just need to finish stitching the ties on to the overshirt. Fortunately I have until like 4:30 or so to get that done.

But as of now, I have been up for about three hours and it feels like I have accomplished nothing. Except the walk and the shower. Where did the rest of the time go?

Actually this celery is pretty darn good. It is crunchy without being hard, and the flavor has just the right balance. Sometimes celery is so mild that it actually is boring to eat, and other times the flavor is so strong that it tastes yucky and bitter.

I did my nails last night. Per the suggestion of the Hunk, I chose the baby pink polish that has a strong gold shimmer to it. My outfit is black with gold accents. I also thought about using a deep red for more of a contrast. But I like this one. I did my toes too.

Looks like it will wind up being MORE than half an hour to get to my word count. And I have been really good about not using contractions, even!

Zamzar is being a butt and will not give me my reformatted files. Grrr.

I wonder if I should take some naproxen sodium to tone down all this stiffness. I can not think of any caffeine products in the house, so the tired feeling is probably something I will have to get through on my own.

Last night I spent a good bit of time on just surfing. I love that site. Although - stink - now that I mentioned that, I really really want to start reading that instead of plugging away at my damn word count.

Sounds like the Hunk is back! He went over to his grandfather's house to borrow the trailer so that we could get rid of some non-garbage trash. And he says he needs my help getting the biggest item into the trailer, so I'm going to sign off now even though I probably haven't met my word count. Let's check!

484 - hahaha! Not even close. Oh well.


Mardie said...

My husband will always choose the baby pink nail polish over the red, too. I vonder vat it means?????

Clix said...

I'm not sure. Mine isn't all that fond of strong makeup, either.

Mardie said...

Same here.

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