Friday, July 09, 2010


Almost forgot - already! - that I was gonna give discipline updates. So!

Last night I loaded up my mp3 player with songs that are upbeat and singable - my current favorite is "That's What Friends Are For" (from Disney's The Jungle Book). And this morning I went for a walk again. EVEN THOUGH it was already like eighty-degrees-plus by the time I got out there. Yay me! I did, however, opt out of the 'hill' section and just do more of the level loops because that's the shady part.

Usually after I get done with my walk, I plan to do my freewriting. I don't know if I'll actually post that - I'm going to TRY to use that just as a clear-my-head kind of thing and do a "real" post later. I may, actually. I think it'll be interesting to be able to scroll through and see how my writing develops - to what extent it influences my posts, too. But I'll place everything behind the continue tag so that I don't have any trash on the main page. :P

BUT! Today after I got cleaned up and changed, I went over to visit my mom and I practiced SEWING. And you know what? It was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be! (Then again, I started at, like, the WAY beginning. As in no thread in the machine at all. Just using the needle to punch a straight line of holes in paper.) Still, it was very encouraging to be able to do it! I'm really excited about the possibility of designing and creating my own costumes from scratch, rather than just approximating what I want using already-made garments and hot glue to add detailing.

Woo. I took some pain meds this afternoon & napped and ... hm, my head is spinning again so Imonna go lay back down. I'm thinking more nap, but I may actually wind up being out for the night. Still hoping for a real post later... we'll see. ;)


Joan said...

When I read Julie Cameron's "The Artist's Way", she advised to write three pages every day. She said it be just a stream of conscientiousness kind of thing. I recommend it, the book and the writing.

good luck!

Clix said...

Yep, when I followed a link from whoever inspired me... I'll have to scour my blogroll to see who... they said the reason they came up with 750 words was that it's roughly equivalent to 3 pages, so that's why I'm going with that word count. They may have been using the same source; I don't remember.

Thanks for the encouragement! It really helps :)

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