Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Further Feathers

I am beginning to realize that the only reading that's going to take place outside of school is assigned SSR. So I'm thinking about going into grammar and writing when we begin our performance & poetry unit next. We'll do personal writing and independent grammar study for homework. The texts we study as a class will be read IN-CLASS. Because they don't read the class stories outside of class (for the most part).

I need to re-introduce the glossary. We've already defined a bunch of their terms, but we don't go back to it very often. There is just SO MUCH to remember! *sigh* And remembering is something I'm not very good at. :(

I also need to remember to send the name list to the plate people. I need to look for one student notebook that's missing. WTF is it with me and student work? AURGH. I need... shoot, there was something else I thought of like three minutes ago and now it's gone. Eff.

Oh, I need to make sure that the Hunk fills out his insurance stuffs. Annnd I need to call the pharmacy AGAIN to see if they have that prescription filled, and if they don't I need to call the dr to see what's up. V frustrating. And I need to set up an eye exam so I can get this year's ... contacts, I guess. And I need to call my PCP to see about a referral to a podiatrist since we've met our out-of-pocket this year.

I'll want to do quizzes every so often to touch back on the ELA terms we're reviewing with the poetry unit. I have the rubrics for the monologue or poem performances finished and the one for the scriptwriting.

I would like to do more finishing of what we write. Right now most of the writing is thinking-as-we-write writing. We aren't following up on any of it. So... as we do use the SSR books as example texts, I'm going to want to create assignments that allow for completion and publication. I'd like it to be meaningful publication, too, and I'm not sure how I want to structure that.

I have one of my students who just loooves getting attention from me. Rather than working, he'll stretch. He'll sit there and practice crossing his eyes. He'll poke at other students. He'll stare at me and wait for me to look at him so that he can accuse me of staring at him. He'll read any book except for the one that's assigned to the class. He'll doodle on the desk. He'll bonk his head on the desk - quietly, though, which is nice because that way it doesn't disrupt others, which of course would get him called out for it.

Any idea who I've been watching for the last few minutes as I type this? :P (Yay peripheral vision!)

Oo, I remembered the other thing: I need to figure out my google password because I can't get to the results from the form I created. :(

And I also need to make sure to bring the ad book back.

And I somehow forgot about booktalks and poetry reading after fall break. SIGH!!!


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