Friday, November 19, 2010

NCTE Day 1 lookback

Okay, so I had the Hunk set his phone alarm for 7 AM (first session is at 8:30) so that I'd have plenty of time to get ready, and doncha know I was awake before 6:30. So I got dressed, checked my email from school (sixty-some emails in one day? really? sheesh peepz!) and then figured I'd go ahead and blog since I've got something relevant to say and I've been so lax over the past few weeks.

The writer's workshop session that Penny Kittle and Tom Romano did yesterday was great. I didn't get to stay for the whole thing, but I did do a bit of writing... still nothing that I felt mattered, but hey, I wrote, so there.

Is it really a freewrite if you have something you're supposed to be writing on? I guess you can have freedom with guidelines. That's the way it always is... otherwise it's not freedom but anarchy.

So then I dashed through Coronado Springs and grabbed a bus to the Magic Kingdom for the Christmas Party! That was fun. The only ride we went on was the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (a classic - very relaxing and great for lookin' around) but we got to see the Dapper Dans a couple of times, and the Banjo Brothers and Bob, and the Christmas Parade, and the special fireworks.

The Hunk and I agreed that we liked the Halloween Party better, though. I think the special-magic-sparkly-wow feeling of Christmas is just so much like the feeling you always get at Disney - particularly the Magic Kingdom - that it just seemed like normal-Disney wearing different colors.

Next year I want to go as Maleficent. ^.^


Knighton said...

I think I know exactly what you mean about the Christmas Party not having the same feeling as the Halloween Party. My husband and I went last year to Disney for our anniversary. We didn't even know about the Halloween Party. Going in, we felt as though we had won the lottery! It was soooo much fun. Later, we took the kids back and attended the Christmas Party. Although we had fun, I don't think it was quite the same. However, I DO like that there are fewer people there at those times. I'm so jealous of your being there!

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