Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Woo! I think I may be doing more typing (if not posting) on the way to school. It is COLD - but my laptop keeps my legs nice and warm! ^.^


So it looks like I will be the only teacher from my school going to the NCTE convention. (What's the difference between a convention and a conference? I never know which word to use!) This is somewhat good, because that means I can "out" myself to the other attendees, many of whom know my online persona, and not out myself to the colleagues who have to work with me everyday.

But it will also be somewhat bad, because there is now only one of us - me - and there are SOOO MANY SESSIONS that I want to attend. I've managed to figure out which session I'm going to attend during each time slot (I think) but I remain unsatisfied and a bit pouty.


My mother is going with me. There won't be any additional cost for travel, since we'll be driving down together, nor for lodging, because we're going to stay together (although I'm willing to bet she's going to try to comp me for both). And she won't have to ask for time off - although for obvious reasons she won't be able to accept any sub jobs for those days!

Theoretically, she's going along to keep me company. However however. NCTE sent me a little packet with information about the conference... and my badge. And the information included said that if I did not have my badge they could print off a new one for me.

Now... I'm fairly sure they didn't mean that if I gave my badge to my mother that we could both attend the conference on one registration, but... oooo, it's so tempting! She's even an English teacher, so I know she would understand what they're talking about.

That wouldn't be honest.... oooh, but it's SO tempting!


J said...

ooh, lucky! I got to go a couple years ago when it was in NYC, by agreeing to volunteer some shifts at the registration booth. I about had a giddy heart attack in the display hall, with all the free tote bags and cheap books and exciting authors everywhere!
hmm, that is tempting...if she will genuinely use the experience then maybe it's not so bad...

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